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What Is a 7 Day Candle?

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What Is A 7 Day Candle?

A 7 day candle is a candle that is contained within a jar that is intended to be burned over a period of 7 daysThe candles come in a variety of colors to be used for specific intentions for such things as love, protection, wealth, health, astral travel, energy release, and more. Oils, Herbs and crystals are often used with them. Some even carve their intention into the candle before burning.

Candle Rituals using 7 day candles, are one of the easiest things for beginners to learn. Properly used, burning a 7 day candle is a safe, effective way to produce the results that you are after. It combines your intention with action, to build momentum into your spell, ritual or prayer.Traditionally they are intended to be burned to completion over a period of about 7 days, but there are safety issues. If you're unable to let the candle fully burn in it's entirety, you can burn it for a shorter periods of time. Snuff out the candle and relight it at times more convenient for you, until it has burned to completion. This is a much safer practice.

How you use a 7 day candle is up to you, there are no set rules, but keep safety and positive intentions in mind!


*Black Soot: Represents negativity. If it is only at the top or perhaps stops in the middle of the jar, the negative obstacle has been removed. If it covers the jar from top to bottom, it means that your working has been blocked and another candle is needed. 

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